The Streamlight Vantage Helmet FlashLight – A Lightweight Helmet Light Worth Considering

The Streamlight Vantage Helmet FlashLight – A Lightweight Helmet Light Worth Considering

Streamlight Vantage 69140

Streamlight Vantage 69140



    Weight and Profile


      Ease of Use





          • 360 Degree Swivel Clamp
          • Small Profile
          • Lightweight 6.4 oz
          • LED Tail Light
          • Bright 155 Lumens!


          • On/Off Switch Difficult to Operate With Structure Gloves
          • Short Battery Life


          Thank you for visiting my review of the Streamlight Vantage helmet flashlight. Here is a quick rundown of some of the features of the Vantage 69140.


          I prefer to attach above the helmet for a reduced profile.

          The Streamlight Vantage is a small, lightweight flashlight designed to attach to the brim of traditional and modern style fire helmets. While the light can attach to either above or below the helmet I prefer to attach above the helmet for a reduced profile.   The light can also swivel 360 degrees on the clamp.  One thing to keep in mind is that when clamping a light to a leather helmet, the clamp can leave a permanent indention on the helmet.  Also, because the clamp swivel, the light can be mounted on either side of the helmet.

          Size and Weight

          This is a tiny light! It is only 3 ¼ “ long and weighs only 6.4 ounces.  The small size can’t be beat for a helmet light.

          Batteries and Battery Life

          The Vantage comes with two CR123A Lithium Metal batteries included.  While lightweight the batteries only last 6 hours so you will find yourself going through them quickly.  The Streamlight batteries can be found at Amazon here.

          The Beam

          The blue taillight is a nice feature

          For the size, this light produces an impressive beam.  The C4 LED used in the vantage create 115 lumens and 7,000 candela! The Vantage also holds a very tight beam.  Also the blue LED tail light is a nice feature.  You won’t find many helmet mounted lights with a tail light.

          Confused about the difference between lumens and candela?  I explain that here.


          This is a very popular helmet light for its weight and durability. There are reports of firefighters caught in situations where fire rolled over them and their helmets and visors needed to be replaced but the Vantage held up.  If you are looking for a helmet flashlight, it is hard to go wrong with this one.  Find out more by clicking here.

          Do you have a Vantage on your helmet?  Tell us about your experience with it below.  Disagree with my review?  Leave me a comment.

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          • Dejan says:

            Hello there,
            I am not really an expert in the lighting departments so I am wondering how bright is that 115 lumens and 7,000 candela ? Also would this flashlight be suitable for hand use or is it specially made for the firefighter helmets ? If not what do you think would be the perfect choice if I need a powerful hand-use flashlight for use in the forest in the night ?

            • Kent says:

              Hi Dejan, 115 lumens and 7,000 candela is pretty bright for such a small flashlight and on the upper end of what you would see for a helmet light. I have a page that explains lumens and candela here. No, this light is designed to be mounted to a helmet. It would be pretty small and awkward to carry around for hand-use. The Streamlight Vulcan that I reviewed earlier would be a good light to use in the forest at night and would definitely light up the woods and last a long time, but it is a pretty big light designed for firefighting. Any of the newer compact Maglites would be smaller and would probably do the trick.

          • Dan says:

            I really like the look and performance aspect of this Streamlight Vantage but I think the battery life is the deal breaker for me. I want a better battery life than 6 hours. It just seems like you’d have to make sure you always had backup batteries for this because if you don’t you risk not being able to properly see when you need to. Do you have any suggestions on a longer battery life flashlight? Thanks.

            • Kent says:

              Hi Dan, yes it is a really nice, low-weight light. As far as battery life is concerned, FoxFury has some headlamp style lights designed for fire helmets that run off of 4AA batteries with twice the battery life. We will do a review on those light in the future. Thanks for stopping by!

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