The FoxFury Scout Right Angle Light

The FoxFury Scout Right Angle Light


The latest right angle light created by FoxFury would do well in the firefighter’s tool box.  The Scout series light is a compact, lightweight, 90º light that is designed to handle any rugged firefighting condition that it encounters.  The Scout meets the NFPA 1971-2007 requirements, which means it will withstand a 500º environment for 30 minutes, is waterproof to 9.8 feet, and is impact resistant to 9.8 feet.


The Scout Series weighs about 5.7 oz.  Compare that to more traditional right angle lights such as the Streamlight Survivor Low Profile (12.5 oz) and the Pelican Big Ed (20 oz) and you can see a significant weight difference.  The dimensions of this low-profile light are 1.8 in wide, 0.9 in deep, and 3.7 in tall.  The Scout is powered by 3 AA batteries (included) and produces 65 lumens.  The beam produced by the light is more of a flood than a focused beam.  The light comes with a removable clip that enables the light to be worn on a belt, pocket or strap for hands-free operation.

FoxFury graciously sent me two lights from the Scout series to try out, a Scout Glow (White/Red LEDs) and a Scout Tac (White LEDs).  There are many other lights in the Scout line which can be viewed on FoxFury’s website.

foxfury-scout-glow-1The Scout Glow

The Glow (Part No 300-304) comes in a phosphorescent case that will glow for five minutes after being exposed to ambient light.  The Glow uses a combination of red and white LEDs to achieve 4 operating modes.  If the button is pushed once, the four red LEDs are turned on.  Clicking the button twice turns on just the six white LEDs.  A third push enables the emergency strobe mode causing the white and red LEDs to alternately flash.  All six white LEDs and the four red LEDs shine with a fourth push of the switch.  The Glow has an operating time of 12 hours to 50 hours depending on the mode.

foxfury-scout-tac-2The Scout Tac

The Tac (Part No 300-010) features an all black case and only has white LEDs.  The Tac’s two operating modes are low and high.  One push of the button turns on the two outer LEDs (low), and a second push activates all 10 white LEDs (high).  The Tac light will operate for 12 hours while on high mode and 50 hours on low mode.

Torture Test

On their website, FoxFury has a video posted of torture testing they performed on the Scout.  Their tests included freezing the light in a block of ice for four hours, submerging the light in 30 feet of water, dropping the light from a height of 35 feet, running over the light with a pickup truck and dousing the light with gasoline and lighting it on fire.  Amazingly, the light still worked after the tests.

The Scout for Firefighting UseFoxFury Scout Tac

Unfortunately, this tough little light doesn’t work well attached to the flashlight clip on a bunker coat.  My Morning Pride bunker coat is designed to carry a much longer right angle light.  The strap that secures the light to my coat is too low to hold the flashlight in place and even after lengthening the attachment point with a zip-tie, the light tends to come out of the strap.  Also, the button was a little difficult to press with bunker gloves on.


This light might not do well attached to a bunker coat because of its length; however, it has many other great uses for the first responder.  It is a great light to have on medical calls, clip to your safety vest while on motor vehicle accidents (MVAs), attach to your web gear while working on a brush fire, and I can see the Scout working well for a Battalion Chief or someone operating at the command post.  This durable, lightweight flashlight can be useful in a variety of situations that first responders face.  Find out more about the Scout by clicking here.

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