The FoxFury 400-006

The FoxFury 400-006

FoxFury 400-006

FoxFury 400-006





      Ease of Use





          • Green LEDs help visibiliy in smoke
          • Waterproof to 20'
          • Bright - up to 82 lumens


          • Covers helmet shield on traditional helmets
          • Can become hot to the touch


          FoxFury is a California, USA based company that makes professional LED lights favored by many firefighters for use on their helmets.   Since FoxFury got its start in California, it’s no surprise that Fox Fury’s first light, (a side angle, LED headlamp) was originally invented for the night surfer.  Ever since their first light was engineered in 2003, FoxFury has been making hands-free, impact and water resistant lighting.

          The FoxFury 400-006 Performance Fire LED Helmet Light/Headlamp has been purchased by firefighters, and other professionals in over 50 countries.  This intrinsically safe light will fit most fire helmets and not interfere with bourkes, goggles or other helmet mounted eye protection.  Because this is a “head lamp” style helmet light, it covers part of


          The light covers part of the helmet shield.

          the leather helmet shield which may not be allowed by certain departments.


          The Beam and Batteries

          The 400-006 uses 4 AA batteries (which are not included) to power the 20 white LEDs and 4 green LEDs.  The light produces 82 lumens in high mode and 33 lumens in low mode. The batteries will last seven hours or 14 hours respectively.  The green LEDs used in conjunction with the white help improve depth perception and help with visibility in smoke.


          Because this light was designed for surfers, there is no need to worry about it being damaged by water.  It is waterproof to 20 feet.  The 400-06 also meets the NFPA 1971 requirements and is impact resistant from almost 10 feet.  This light is also backed by a Fox Fury two year warranty.

          Size and weight

          5 ½” wide X 1.1” in height

          1” in depth

          10.1 oz in weight

          Special Features of the FoxFury 400-006


          A one inch wide silicone strap is included.

          • Provides wide peripheral vision, allowing you to see up to 150’ away and 60’ wide
          • Adjustable Tilt allows the light beam to be angled as needed.
          • Durable and impact resistant construction
          • A 1” wide silicone strap is included with high temperature nylon buckle
          • Polycarbonate Housing with a silicone coated; Teflon jacketed cable
          • A high and low beam with an easy tap on and off switch


          • When used for an extended period, the light will become HOT to the touch.
          • Lights are strong enough to cause damage to the human eye.
          • The light can cover part of the helmet shield on some helmets which is not allowed by some fire departments.
          • There have been complaints that helmet strap does not hold the light secure enough to the helmet causing the user to use cable or zip ties to hold it in place.


          The FoxFury 400-006 Performance Fire LED Helmet Light/Headlamp has been a big seller for FoxFury. It is a versatile helmet light and had plenty of features that make it a good choice for firefighters.   With its price point around $120.00 and a two-year warranty, it’s worth considering.  Read more about the 400-006 here.

          Please leave us a comment if you have any questions.

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