Statgear T3 Tactical Auto Rescue Tool

Statgear T3 Tactical Auto Rescue Tool


statgear-t3-2StatGear was created in 2010 by practicing New York Paramedic Avi Goldstein. Goldstein’s objective was to develop quality, state-of-the-art tools for first responders.  The StatGear T3 Tactical Auto Rescue Tool is a complete auto rescue tool, ranked number 17th for tactical knifes in the United States.  This unique knife/tool has been highlighted in several magazines including, Journal of EMS, Men’s Health Magazine and Ambulance World, just to name a few and has been sold in over 12 countries.

The Good:

  • High quality 440C stainless steel primary blade and seatbelt/strap cutter
  • Very reasonably priced
  • Overall high quality design

The Bad:

  • If carried in the pocket, the pressure switch to turn on the light may be pressed without the user’s knowledge and run the batteries down.
  • There have been complaints about the window punch. Some users have not been able to get the punch to work more than once.

The heavy duty sheath holds its form.

The T3 comes with a heavy duty nylon sheath.  The liner ensures that the sheath holds its form and doesn’t collapse when the tool is taken out of the sheath.  The sheath has a large vertical loop for attaching to a belt and two smaller horizontal attachment loops.  The sheath stays closed with a snap button.

The first thing you will notice when you take the tool out of the sheath is it’s width and weight.  At 1 1/2″ and 8 oz it is a little wider and heavier than most pocket knives; however if carried on your belt in the sheath, the extra size and weight is barely noticeable.  The T3 also has a pocket clip.

The StatGear T3 Tactical Auto Rescue Tool has a 440C stainless steel hook blade for cutting seatbelts or clothing and a ½” serrated 440C stainless steel knife blade.  440C Stainless steel is used in all high-quality knife blades. It is resistant to corrosion, the atmosphere, fresh water and mild acids as well as daily wear and tear. It is one of the strongest and hardest stainless alloys and will hold an edge.

Extra Features

The pen light is powered by two CR1220 batteries which can be easily replaced.  This small 5 lumen light was not met to be a high intensity light but rather a convenient, added feature/emergency light which can be used for checking your patient’s pupils.

There is also a small spring loaded window punch at the end of the tool.  This is bonus feature is great,  but there are reports of the punch being ineffective and actually coming out of the tool when dropped.


Wrap Up Review of The StatGear T3 Tactical Auto Rescue Tool

Avi Goldstein and company have done a great job designing and engineering this rescue tool. It has been field tested by first responders and given high ratings in functional use and quality.  The 440C stainless steel blades will last a lifetime given reasonable care.  This tool is also backed by a 30 day hassle-free money back warranty.  When considering all the positive attributes of this tool and for a purchase price of around $40.00, this would be a great addition to your tool bag.  To find the out more about this tool click here.

If you have this tool, please let us know your thoughts on it below.  Thanks for visiting Charlie Seat!


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