Leatherman Raptor Trauma Shears – A Review

Leatherman Raptor Trauma Shears – A Review

Leatherman Raptor Trauma Shears

Leatherman Raptor Trauma Shears





      Ease of Use





          • Will cut almost anything!
          • Clever features
          • Sheath included


          • Prone to rusting
          • Need two hands to open


          This is a review of the Leatherman Raptor Trauma Shears.  These trauma shears were designed for firefighters and other medical professionals.  They feature six tools in one, the shears, an oxygen tank wrench, a seatbelt/strap cutter, a ruler, ring cutter, and a window punch.  All of these features are great, but in my opinion the greatest attribute of these shears is their ability to cut tough materials.

          Several months ago, there was a firefighter in our region that tragically passed away in the line of duty.  This firefighter sustained injuries on a fire and when the crews on scene attempted to cut away his bunker gear to assess his condition, they had great difficulty.  Our department began testing many different types of shears to determine which ones are powerful and durable enough to effectively cut bunker gear.  At the end of the testing, our department decided that hands-down, the Leatherman Raptor did the best job.


          The shears fold up to a closed length of 5″.


          We now keep a brand new pair of Raptors in their packaging locked up in each of our medic units for the sole purpose of cutting bunker gear and keep an additional pair for “everyday” use.  These are the only trauma shears that we rely on for our personnel.

          Dimensions and Weight

          The Raptor is about 8x4x3 inches, about the standard size for trauma shears.  The shears also fold up to a closed length of 5 inches. They weigh about 5.8 ounces which is a little heavier than the cheapo shears you can get for a few bucks.


          It is difficult to thoroughly clean the raptor.  There are also several reports of the tool rusting if it wasn’t completely dried after the cleaning.  Also, if you keep the tool in the folded position, it takes two hands to unfold.

          Final Thoughts


          The Raptor comes with a hard plastic sheath.

          The Raptor does come with a hard plastic belt sheath and there is a clip that securely holds them in the sheath.  The additional features are nice.  I have never personally used the ring cutter but have heard from others that this tool does a good job cutting rings.  I could see the window punch being a handy feature but we carry window punches on the engine that would get used before the Leatherman’s.  Leatherman backs this product up with a 25 year guarantee.  If the 420HC Stainless Steel blades ever get dull (which would take a long time), you can sharpen them using standard beans like rods, whetstones and sharpening kits.  In my opinion, these are the toughest trauma shears available.  Take a look for yourself on Amazon here! 

          If you have used the Leatherman Raptor, tell the community about it below. Thanks!


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          • jCamden says:

            I’ve never seen a pair of shears quite like these. They really look like they could cut through anything. As a firefighter/medic I can’t even imagine the frustration of not having a good pair. I looked at the reviews on Amazon for this and couldn’t believe that with 450+ reviews it still had a five star rating! I think that really speaks for itself about the quality and ability of these shears and how happy people are with them.

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