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fire-patch-2There are many locations spread amongst the web where firefighters and other enthusiasts who would like to trade fire department patches post their email addresses.  Most of these forums have long since died out and the members wanting to trade are no longer active, not to mention their email address is broken.  I am creating this new fire department patch exchange page in an attempt to provide a centralized location for those wanting to trade patches to post their email addresses.  When you leave us a comment, I will put your information in the spreadsheet seen below.  The information on the spreadsheet is sortable and has a search function.  If you are interested in being placed on this list please simply leave us your name, email address, and the name of the fire department patch that are willing to trade under the Leave us a Reply section below and click submit – and your information will be seen by patch traders that visit CharlieSeat from all over the world.  Please help me make this fire department patch trading database great!  Thank you for visiting CharlieSeat!

NameEmail AddressLocation/Patch
Daniels, Garethsuperflyvipclub@gmail.comCape Town Fire Department
De Souza, DaviBmDavi@gmail.comSanta Catarina, Brazil
Don Dundassdpdundass@hotmail.comToronto Fire Service
Estes, Edeaestes@hotmail.comCanadian Firefighter, various patches
Gillard, Johngillardj@rogers.comVarious Fire Patches
Hunt, Markmhunt8385@yahoo.comU.S. Military, Nebraska Law/Fire
Jorgensen, TommyTommyj@email.dkDenmark, around the world
Nel, Andre in South Africa
Nungster, Jimjcnungester@yahoo.comNew Whiteland Fire Dept patches (Indiana)
Perez, JaimeMvzdrjpt@hotmail.comMexico
Romera, Arcadiarcadi.romero@gmail.comBarcelona Spain, around the world
Stebbins, Richardrstebbins@survivalsystemsinc.comRhode Island
Wood, Howardhowie698505@yahoo.comMason West Virginia
White, Mikemikethenewf@hotmail.caCardigan Fire Volunteer Department


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