The FoxFury Scout Right Angle Light

The FoxFury Scout Right Angle LightThe latest right angle light created by FoxFury would do well in the firefighter’s tool box.  The Scout series light is a compact, lightweight, 90º light that is designed to handle any rugged firefighting condition that it encounters.  The Scout meets the NFPA 1971-2007 requirements, which means it will withstand a 500º environment for 30 minutes, is waterproof to 9.8 feet, and... Read More »

The FoxFury 400-006

The FoxFury 400-006FoxFury is a California, USA based company that makes professional LED lights favored by many firefighters for use on their helmets.   Since FoxFury got its start in California, it’s no surprise that Fox Fury’s first light, (a side angle, LED headlamp) was originally invented for the night surfer.  Ever since their first light was engineered in 2003,... Read More »

Streamlight 4AA Series Helmet Lights

Streamlight 4AA Series Helmet Lights  If you search online for a flashlight designed to mount on your fire helmet, you inevitably come across the Streamlight 4AA helmet light series.  There are over a dozen part numbers that correspond to this style of light.  What is the difference between the part number 68201 and the 68821?  Why does one cost twice as much... Read More »

Nightstick Helmet Light – The NSP-4650B Review

Nightstick Helmet Light – The NSP-4650B ReviewIntroduction Loose fitting, and single-purpose forward directed helmet mounted flashlights are a thing of the past!   Bayco Company, based in the United States, has introduced a Nightstick helmet light designed for firefighting.  The Nightstick NSP-4650B Helmet-Mounted Multi-Function Dual-Light Flashlight is one of the most versatile, hands free/helmet-mounted lights available. The Nightstick features a mounting clamp that permits this... Read More »

Streamlight Survivor Review, the Streamlight 90545 Survivor Flashlight

Streamlight Survivor Review, the Streamlight 90545 Survivor FlashlightIntroduction The Streamlight 90545 Survivor right angle flashlight makes a great light to clip to your bunker coat. The 90545 is low profile and has been outfitted with the ultra-bright 3-watt Luxeon LED, which makes it a good choice for use in smoky, and hazy conditions. It is made of a nice black nylon polymer that gives the flashlight... Read More »

The Streamlight Vantage Helmet FlashLight – A Lightweight Helmet Light Worth Considering

The Streamlight Vantage Helmet FlashLight – A Lightweight Helmet Light Worth ConsideringThank you for visiting my review of the Streamlight Vantage helmet flashlight. Here is a quick rundown of some of the features of the Vantage 69140. The Streamlight Vantage is a small, lightweight flashlight designed to attach to the brim of traditional and modern style fire helmets. While the light can attach to either above or below the... Read More »

Streamlight Fire Vulcan 44400 Review

Introduction The Streamlight Fire Vulcan Model 44400 is a reliable, rechargeable box light.  The 44400 has a 3 position switch that is easy to use with a gloved hand.  The housing is made from a high impact thermoplastic and features a rubberized handle.  It also comes with a quick release carrying strap and a mountable charger.  This light is available in Streamlight Orange.... Read More »